Bow Tie Collaborative | Brilliant Ring Shots | Freebie

Bow Tie Collaborative | Brilliant Ring Shots | Freebie

Bow Tie Collaborative Brilliant Ring Shots Freebie

Grab My Brilliant Ring Guide

Hello Friends! I’m so glad you are here! I knew those sparkly rings would get your attention!

Now that we are friends, I can let you in on a little secret…I use to dread this time of the wedding day. I mean here you are, the guardians of the rings have relinquished their power and let you borrow them to take photographs. You have gathered all their pretties, invitation suite, bouquet, shoes, jewelry etc. and you have only a few minutes to create these unique vignettes of their gorgeous rings.  You have to push all the other wedding day stress out of the way and instantly become creative! No biggie, Right?… Wrong! It was a huge biggie for me. So I decided to attack it like I did the other parts of the day and came up with a game plan that would always work and relieve some of that pressure! I mean seriously if we can relieve some stress why the heck wouldn’t we?

Just like the way you studied posing, you need to think it through and make a playlist in your head. You want it to become second nature for you. I want it to become a time when you can step back take a breath and focus on some beautiful things that will add so much value to your client’s experience.

Ring and detail shots are SO IMPORTANT! Not only to your clients but also to you! Ring and detail shots are great for social media posting, your portfolio and they add interest and excitement to your wedding blogs as well as to your client wedding gallery and album. It could also mean the difference between getting your work published or rejected! Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but I want you to know the truth.

So, let’s jump right in and talk about creating ring shots. I can’t wait for you to download my free, “How I Create Brilliant Ring Shots…and How You Can, Too!”

Specifically, I want to share with you:

  • 6 Steps to Creating Ring Shots
  • Some AWESOME Tips
  • What Gear I Use to Create Brilliant Ring Shots (Are you using the right lens?)
  • My “Go-To” Approaches to Ring Positioning
  • Positioning (Yes, Sometimes you just need to hold your breath!)

So take it from me, someone that use to dread wedding details and now someone that absolutely LOVES shooting wedding details. YES, I want my brides and grooms to bring me all their pretties! And Yes, you will too!

Grab my FREE guide, “How I Create Brilliant Ring Shots…and How You Can, Too!” HERE  and get started today!


Grab My Brilliant Ring Guide

All my best,


P.S. Don’t shoot weddings? I get it, you’re thinking you’re not a wedding photog but that’s okay because these are ideas and tips you can use to photograph other sessions too! Newborn photographers, how about the mother and father’s rings on the baby toes? There’s always something that you can capture to create gorgeous detail shots, whether it’s fabric, jewelry, or nursery details. Capturing these additional sentimental images are only going to add to and give your clients the best experience!

PpS. If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @bowtiecophoto for inspiration, and resources! See you there!


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